Our Metal Capabilities, from Start to Finish

Pacmet Aerospace offers a wide range of capabilities in order to ensure its customers the shortest lead times without relying on any secondary sources.  From start to finish, Pacmet is committed to supplying customers with high quality parts made from honest materials.  Though we specialize in engineered elastomers and precision sheet metal stamping, Pacmet has developed extensive departments for the following capabilities:

Metal Stamping

Pacmet has a wide range of stamping capabilities.  We have presses ranging from 10 to 250 tons, both conventional and with high speed coil feed systems and bolster air cushions.  No job is too big or small for our stamping department.  Our highly skilled team of engineers enable Pacmet to develop its own tools for each job.  Pacmet’s directors, Dave Janes and Sonny Dewong, have both been working in metal stamping for over 35 years.  Our experience and wide range of metal stamping capabilities enable us to be the best at what we do.

Brake Forming

Pacmet’s brake forming department consists of multiple brakes ranging in sizes of up to 10 feet.  Our brake tooling is an extensive collection of standard and custom forms and gauges allowing us to tackle almost any project.  We work with all the different alloy materials and we can make quick prototypes upon request.  Though brake forming is one of our fastest growing departments, Pacmet has helped many of its customers to stamp their parts as opposed to using the brake.  This of course shortens lead times and saves our customers money.

CNC Machining (USA and Thailand Locations)

Rapid prototypes, low-volume production parts, high complexity and high precision parts are our CNC department’s bread and butter.  As of 2019, Pacmet’s CNC department has been massively expanded to meet the demand of our customers for machining.  Our extensive collection of mills ranges from 3 to 5-axis and enables us to tackle a wide variety of jobs.

Heat Treat (Thailand Location)

Pacmet is proud to offer heat treating as both a standalone and value-added service, our heat-treating capabilities include:

  • Solution Heat-Treating
  • AMS2770
  • Water Quench & Water mist spray
  • Solution Heat Treat Annealing
  • Equipment Type 2 Class “B”
  • Artificial Age of all aircraft aluminum alloys
  • BAC 5602
  • BAC 5621
  • BAC 5946
  • BPS 4139
  • DPS 1.700
  • Heat Treat 7075 to T4, T6
  • Heat Treat 6061 to T4, T6
  • Heat Treat 2024 to T4, T6


Pacmet is extremely experienced in the assembly of complex parts, particularly those for the Aerospace industry.  Pacmet’s assembly capabilities include:

  • Riveting
  • Spot Welding
  • Powder Coating

Various other assembly processes after which we install hardware.

Metal Finishing

Pacmet’s metal finishing department primarily handles small part, high production degreasing, cleaning, & polishing.  Pacmet also offers, polishing, deburring, and other special treatments as a value added service.


Pacmet’s welding department enable us to deliver finished assemblies for our customers.  Through many years of experience we have become masters at thin-wall aluminum TIG/MIG welding application for aerospace industry.  Various materials often welded include steel, stainless steel, aluminum, carbon and nickel alloys.  Our welders are certified through accredited programs to ensure top quality and we verify all of our welds through extensive coupon testing practices.  Pacmet’s welding capabilities include:

  • TIG welding
  • MIG welding

Spot welding of aluminum alloys per MIL-W-6858D & AWS D17.2/D17.2M, up to .125” thick.