About Us

About Us

Founded in 2005

Founded in 2005, Pacmet Aerospace has quickly grown into one of the worlds leading suppliers of clamping systems involving engineered elastomers.  Pacmet’s president, Dave Janes, has been working with engineered thermal and heat resistant materials for over 30 years.  These materials are built to withstand even the most extreme conditions that aircraft and spacecraft are put through.

From Commercial to large OEM’s

Our customer list includes over 80 accounts ranging from commercial products to large OEM’s. We value small to medium, local customers and our large, multinational aerospace prime contractors.

Pacmet Aerospace is a global company.  With locations in Rayong Thailand and Ontario California, we are always making parts, no matter the time.  We have made a point of staying a USA based company for our customers who value the personal touch and short lead times that American manufacturing brings…and for our customers where cost control is an issue, we offer extensive manufacturing capabilities at our Asia locations.  Regardless of where our parts are made, Pacmet is dedicated to making quality parts from genuine materials.

Our goal is to be a reliable alternative supplier to the long established brand names that have dominated the industry.

Over 60 years of combined experience

The company’s directors, David Janes and Sonny DeWong, are graduates of UCLA and MIT/Cal-Tech respectively and have over 60 years of experience combined.

David Janes


Sonny DeWong

GM / VP of Operations